Have you ever wanted to learn the basics of making cookies in the comfort of your own home? Maybe you have a few friends who want to have a wine night or your kids have an upcoming birthday? You provide the tables and chairs and I bring everything else!

Parties include:
-2 hour class on basics of cookie making
-Cookies in theme of your choice
-All materials for decorating
-Box for taking home your cookies
-30 mins for set up and 30 mins for cleaning

Packages available for adults and children 5+


Elements in the dessert table service include:
-Designing and Coordinating Desserts (from me or other vendors)
-Stand Rentals
-Design of Tablescape/backdrop
-Design/Creation/Ordering of Labels, Decor, Packaging, etc
-Delivery/Set-Up/Clean Up

I provide each of these services individually or as a complete package, depending on your needs and budget. Services for all of the above start at $300.


Cost is based on mileage and travel time and starts at $15
PattyCakes customers pick-up and transport their own orders every week, but I am not responsible for any damage that may occur during your own transportation so I ask that you drive CAREFULLY, and no faster than 30 mph.


PattyCakes rents cake stands, jars, and other display items for events. I take a deposit for the replacement cost of any of my equipment, which is handled as a separate check from the total cost of your order. Your deposit will be refunded in full when all items have been returned to me in the same condition they were delivered in, and after being cleaned. If I am picking up the stands after your party, then a $30 cleaning fee will be added to your bill. Failure to return items by the Tuesday following the event OR in the event there is any damage to the items, the initial deposit will be forfeited. This is to assure that clients take care of my personal items in the same fashion I do: with the utmost care.

Rental fees start at $15 per stand for up to 4 stands; Discounts are available for more than 5 stands


PattyCakes will photograph your order and display it on my social media sites. If you would like to submit your own photos, please email them to PattyCakesMIA@gmail.com.